Chandal and Peter

Chandal & Peter Mandel had a super simple and sweet ceremony. It took place in their beautiful small town of Glenavon. 

I’m so happy that I was able to capture your gorgeous ceremony, your beautiful family. It was such a great day to have a simple and sweet wedding. 

I enjoyed talking with your father and enjoyed be able to work with yous and I hope that you both have a life time of laughter and memories. 

Congratulations Peter and Chandal 💜


Author: thismomentphotographyx

My name Kennedy Tessier, I'm the owner of This Moment Photography. I am a photographer that specializes in Boudoir, Wedding photography & Family photography. I strive to capture the beauty in all that step in front of my lens. Wedding & Boudoir Photographer in Arcola, Saskatchewan. I’ve always been creative, so naturally pursuing photography made sense. I have my certificate in Photography. I have grown so much since acquiring my photography certificate. I am always looking to build my skill set.

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