How to change your name

How to Change Your Name in Saskatchewan Due to Marriage 

Congratulations on your union! If you are changing your name due to marriage, these are the steps to take. 

Note that if you have booked your honeymoon in your former surname, wait until you return to change your passport. Travel with your current passport, carry your marriage certificate with you.  These all can be changed with the marriage certificate provided by your Justice of Peace.

1) Three weeks after your wedding day, you can order a government issued marriage certificate. Go online to You will need your marriage registration number (this is indicated on the marriage certificate provided to you by your Officiant). There is a fee for this depending on the size you order. The certificate should arrive in the mail after a couple of weeks.

 2) Go to SGI and purchase a NEW ID. Your marriage certificate provided by your Officiant and your current driver’s license should be all that you need, but the clerk may request your official marriage certificate (from step 1). SGI will take a new photograph of you and your card will arrive in the mail in about 10 days. 

3) You will need to update your Social Insurance Number information. Go into the Service Canada Office located in your community. You will need your Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate and current Social Insurance Card or number/letter if you do not have a card.

4) Update your information with Canada Revenue Agency in one of these ways. a) Log in to MyBenefits CRA or MyCRA at and select “Manage profile details” or “Personal Information” then “Marital status”. b) Log in to “My Account” on the CRA website, select “Personal Information” then “Change my marital status” 2 c) Call CRA at 1-800-387-1193 to advise of your last name change. d) Fill out form RC65, Marital Status Change, and send it to the CRA. They will ask for your social insurance number and some information that is only found within your previous personal tax return(s). You will also need to update your marital status with them. You will need your spouse’s social insurance number to do so. Your spouse will also have to call into this number and update their marital status. They will need to know your social insurance number in order to do so.

 5) Update your Health Card by calling 306-787-3251 or online at 

6) Update your banking information with your financial institution. You will need your marriage certificate and new ID.

 7) Update your Canadian Passport. You will need to fill out the Adult General Passport Application at pdf/pptc153.pdf and apply for a new passport and pay the applicable fees, even if your current passport is still valid. You will need your marriage certificate and your birth or citizenship certificate. 

8) Update your employment files at your workplace with your new name. 

9) Update your utility bills, health/life insurance, investments, etc. with your new name.

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