Need Idea’s what to wear for Boudoir

When you think of a Boudoir session you’ll immediately picture all sorts of lingerie being used as wardrobe. While that is the normal for most clients, sometimes it’s great to shake things up and pull out a few pieces that aren’t your traditional lingerie items such as for bridal boudior you can incorporate your veil and shoes for the wedding, you can incorporate your favorite hockey jerseys, your husband’s shorts and so much more!

Not every client wants to have the exact same set of photos and thats great, I wanna help you make your session unique. There are many different ways to incorporate different looks and feelings into a photograph with the help of wardrobe. Here’s some of my favorite wardrobe tips. 


It is very 50/50 when it comes to lingerie styles!  There’s the lingerie bodysuits but there’s also casual ones as well. If your wanting to try something different from you’re standard bra and panties, bodysuits are the way to go! they come in so many  different styles and shapes/sizes, these are perfect for every body and one of my favourites to photograph! 💕


Keep your images warm and cozy by adding you’re favorite teams jersey. Jerseys can be made to make you feel amazing, as they are cozy and warm. 


A fancy dress is another option for your session, these are fun and easy to style in many different way to keep things still sexy.


Texture is everything! Texture makes for magical session! You can  Pair it with a bodysuit, a bra and  underwear set with a coat, or just shoot with the coat itself and you’re going to get some amazing photos! If you have any other type of textured Material that you think would be fun to try, I am always down to add that to you’re session. 


The ultimate option is to go with nothing at all and to embrace your body fully. Whether you’re wanting to do an implied nude shot or to just show off your body this is a great option, To shoot this it’s always important that you’re super comfortable and it’s not going to be the very first thing we do. I’ll will guide  you throughout the entire session, so If you are wanting to add this option into you’re session we can do it. With thia you can really embrace your self confidence and feel like a bad ass women. You will get a kickass set of images afterward. This type is very empowering and helps you love your body more after you see you’re images. 

Are you interested in having your own Boudoir Experience?

These sessions are the Ultimate experience and a way  to celebrate you and everything your body as gone through, and everything you’ve achieved. All bodies are welcome in my studio space and I can’t wait to give you this incredible experience!

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Author: thismomentphotographyx

My name Kennedy Tessier, I'm the owner of This Moment Photography. I am a photographer that specializes in Boudoir, Wedding photography & Family photography. I strive to capture the beauty in all that step in front of my lens. Wedding & Boudoir Photographer in Arcola, Saskatchewan. I’ve always been creative, so naturally pursuing photography made sense. I have my certificate in Photography. I have grown so much since acquiring my photography certificate. I am always looking to build my skill set.

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