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This group of amazing women are here to offer support and to encourage body positivity. This is a safe space and is more than just a Boudoir page. Enjoy giveaways, games, and special pricing for this group only! 

I do photograph a handful of different genres, but I do enjoy shooting Boudoir. Here are 5 reasons why Boudoir is important. 

When I mention that my I don’t only just shoot families and Weddings, but that I also shoot boudoir, I have gotten tons of messages saying oh so you shoot porn, no it’s not porn, its empowering and makes us women feel amazing about ourselves.  Here’s reason’s why I stand with that these sessions make you feel amazing: 

1.Boudoir Is Empowering 

Being a woman myself, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been judged on how I look and made to feel ashamed of myself. Really for no reason at all. Or have been compared to other women,  With Boudoir we take away the shame, the lies we’ve been told, the hurt and turn it into something beautiful.  You can take away from it whatever you want, but I assure you, you’ll walk away feeling amazing and have photographic proof that you’re one badass superstar. And not just during that session either – each and every day. Celebrate that – you are worthy and incredible! It has made me learn to love my body as I have given birth to 2 beautiful boys and I have found these session make me feel 100 percent empowered and beautiful.  

2. Boudoir Shares Our Stories 

We all have our own story. And this is why Boudoir goes well beyond just having photos done for a significant other. It’s being able to create photos and make you feel amazing, but I really want to dig deeper and share what makes us who we are – who our bodies are. I have had women that come in post-baby, to celebrate themselves and to show amazing our bodies are,  I’ve had women come in who wanna show that their age doesn’t matter and they are beautiful no matter what. We each have our own stories and it is such a magical thing to be able to capture that and to help you feel the best you can about yourself no matter what your situation is.  

3. Boudoir Is Healing 

We are all human and we have all felt pain about ourselves, we have felt like our feelings don’t matter, but I believe Boudoir is part of a healing process. Whether that’s to come to terms with past and situations, to overcome fear, to show ourselves we really are beautiful, there are so many reasons and that is why these sessions are so personal and so special. These sessions also bring me so much joy knowing I’m helping you heal from what you have been through.  

4. Boudoir Pushes Our Limits 

But in a good way, of course! About 98% of the women that come in are nervous or scared but let me tell you that by the end of the session they are comfortable and usually posing themselves. I also find that you will be able to feel 100 percent amazing and empowered after your shoot, Be proud of who you are, you are NOT selfish for having a boudoir session done – you are incredible and that should be celebrated and you should be proud of how far you have came and how beautiful your body is no matter what your life has been through, your beautiful and all bodies are beautiful.  

5. Boudoir Is For Every Body 

Probably the hardest part of being a Boudoir photographer is hearing the negativity surrounding our bodies. “I’m not thin enough.” “I need to lose an extra 10 pounds”. “I don’t photograph well.” “I’m not a model.” And the list just goes on from there. What needs to happen, is we need to be able to start normalizing our bodies, We need to see we are all models and we look amazing, but that’s my job I get you feeling so amazing after you’re session and you will seriously feel so good after a session with me.  

If you have any questions about having a Boudoir session done or just want some more information, head on over to the BOUDOIR page to find out more or join my VIP Group by clicking this link This Moment Boudior Photography | Facebook  to join an amazing group of women who inspire each other and are so kind and caring.  

Any other inquiries can be sent to kennedy@thismomentphotos.com you can call/text 306-575-6128. 

Author: thismomentphotographyx

My name Kennedy Tessier, I'm the owner of This Moment Photography. I am a photographer that specializes in Boudoir, Wedding photography & Family photography. I strive to capture the beauty in all that step in front of my lens. Wedding & Boudoir Photographer in Arcola, Saskatchewan. I’ve always been creative, so naturally pursuing photography made sense. I have my certificate in Photography. I have grown so much since acquiring my photography certificate. I am always looking to build my skill set.

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