Why I chose the people I used for my wedding πŸ’’

I wanted to write about why I chose the people I did for my wedding and to give tips too.

For choosing a photographer, if you have a preference for a certain photographer, book your wedding day around when they have availability. So then you can secure your photographer. 

Honestly I would say same applies to who you want to do your cake. If you have a certain cake person you have been following for awhile and want them. Then make sure that it works with when your photographer is avaible.

I wanna give the biggest Rave to my Mother, she is my rock and I wouldn’t have been able to have my big day without her, it has been a hard almost 2 years..  we lost my dad πŸ‘¨ which I never thought in a million years would happen. But she had helped me so much! It was so much fun to bond more and to have her help with so many little decorations for my wedding πŸ’’ Thank you mom for everything πŸ’— she made all these beautiful items including the Bouquets and boutiners πŸ’œ

Another Rave goes out to Artsy emy! Thank you for creating such beautiful items for my ceremony and reception. She created some cute items to give to our flower girl and my boys who were my ring bearer’s. As well she helped me with creating my box to ask my friend to be my Matron of Honour. 

Rave to Kayter to your sewing needs, she took my dress and made it into something Iwould love. It made me feel 100 percent amazing and beautiful 😍 thank you so much for making the dress of my dreams.

 Rave to creative cakes πŸŽ‚

The cake was beautiful, it was stunning honestly, it tasted fantastic πŸ˜‹ and she also worked with my mom’s cake topper. The cake topper is 60 years old and it she added some flowers to it. It made me so happy she was able to use that cake topper. πŸŽ‚ the cake was light and airy and delicious especially with the hint of lemon in the vanilla. Thank you for making the cake πŸ’œ

Rave to my sister inlaw! Baked By MJ she made such beautiful cupcakes and they were a hit! Thank you for helping out by making the cupcakes πŸ§πŸ’œ

Rave to my DJ! Thank you Coyote Entertainment for the music 🎢 We appericated you coming to our rustic wedding πŸ’œ

Rave to my make up artist! She was amazing and made me and my Matron of Honour look amazing and feel good! Thank you to all mak’d up and her lashes are killer! I loved wearing them check out her brand killer queen !!! 

Huge shout out to my Photographer! Because she had a tough job, as I was wanting someone who had similar editing as mine and who was able to make you laugh and smile, because that’s what I do for my clients, I make them laugh and smile and talk to them and engage in conversation and she did it all. Thank you for making my rustic wedding epic πŸ’œ thanks Praire Romance photography. 

Shout out to Rental Brothers, they have this awesome photobooth, that gets mailed out to you and it’s so easy to set up and you get all the photos Sent to you!

Shout out to Beatz Eatz, the food.was amazing tasted delicious, I would definitely recommend.to anyone.who is looking for someone to cook. 

Heres some positivite things about the places I rented from and some will be negative as well.  

The positives was that she was super kind and easy to work with, but as soon as you want to delete stuff that you don’t wanna rent it’s a hassle. My recommendation is if you wanna use promises do not listen to her about adding more, because she won’t let you delete things like she promises. Start small so your deposit isn’t high and then you can add what you need. She came with my table cloths, table runners and chair coverings not steamed.. she also frogot 8 chair coverings and then charged me for 4 chair coverings. She also brought the wrong colours for my wedding, then told the day of her setting up she couldn’t get the colour I wanted for my back drop.. she also argued with my mom on the phone, she was very rude when we mentioned that we had to move the chairs at the ceremony so it could leave room for us to walk down, she also lied about the aisle runner being good for walking on. It was very hard to walk on so we pulled it the day of the wedding and rolled it up for her. She also wanted to come and take the chairs and arch right after we were done getting married..  then lastly she said we needed to have a deposit to hold our day so no one else could book.. we booked her a year in advance and she literally quadrupled book on our wedding day.. So If you still wanna go with promises then I highly recommend that you don’t add a bunch of things at first and make sure to check in with her to make sure she doesn’t have to many bookings and make sure to take pictures so you can get your damage deposit back. Other than a few bumps in the road its still a business that I would possibly use again. She was very nice and friendly and is 100 percent a great person πŸ’œ

Alte Weddings

Very expensive, espeically for what you get.. they don’t keep track of your deposits, so make sure you do. Though he was very good with directions and knowing what he wants.  Just disappointed as you pay 1,800 which included live streaming which is an extra 250. Oh no to mention live stream stays on YouTube for a day after the wedding. So not worth the 250 and the 1,500 you pay you only get 6 minute video. It’s hard to be please with that espeically when you spend how much money to have them come. Wouldn’t recommend for you to have a Videographer. The video was literally astonishing and beautiful but it’s just hard with the price paid for 6 minuet video is all. But he does take his time and is very patient and passionate about what he does. Just isn’t worth having someone video your wedding though. 

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