2023 Grad ambassador

After a couple crazy years, of missing catching up, and missing sessions with grads, I’m am offering up an awesome opportunity to all grade 12’s around the Arcola area.

I’m excited to get out and create with all of the

new grads and learn about them and help with creating an amazing 2023 experience ✨️

Third party and self nominations are welcome. Eligible to all Grade 12 students within Arcola and area!

You will receive a minimum of two complimentary casual sessions, one individual one, and one team session – because nothing is better than doing something with your friends! Both sessions include images and some of your specific Team Members are involved in certain sports or activities, specified sessions may be added that are geared toward the activity (ex: band, hockey or 4H, Volleyball, Basketball etc).

Some of the things that I will be looking for in the individual grad is their participation in activities, sports, and organizations, in and out of school. Works with the community and helps whenever they can and strives to make the community feel welcoming.

I do want to say that I do encourage any of the seniors that are interested need totalk to their parent/guardian about participating. There is Limited number of spots are available for each school.


1) Respect: All Team Members are required to be respectful towards everyone. I Kennedy Tessier owner of This Moment Photography want to say that, any individuals regardless of race, class, gender, orientation, disability, body type, etc. Our expectation is for Team Members to be respectful of all individuals. Bullying of any sort will not be tolerated, and member(s) may be removed from the team. Please don’t bully and be respectful to each other and be open to everyone and treat everyone how you want to be treated.

2) Ambassador group and you must not be apart of another Photographer’s ambassador group. You can only work with one Photographer not multiple. You will be apart of the the ambassador group from December 1st to June 1st of 2023!

3) Ambassador groups are choosen by how theu treat their team and how much they are involved with helping the community.

4) Applicants must be on track to receive their high school diploma by June 30, 2023.

Author: thismomentphotographyx

My name Kennedy Tessier, I'm the owner of This Moment Photography. I am a photographer that specializes in Boudoir, Wedding photography & Family photography. I strive to capture the beauty in all that step in front of my lens. Wedding & Boudoir Photographer in Arcola, Saskatchewan. I’ve always been creative, so naturally pursuing photography made sense. I have my certificate in Photography. I have grown so much since acquiring my photography certificate. I am always looking to build my skill set.

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