Edwina Session

Edwina session 

This session took place at a beautiful abandoned camp.

This session was done on truth and Reconciliation day and it was such a beautiful day.

I enjoyed being able to capture these beautiful moments 💗

Thank you for letting me check out this beautiful location and giving me permission to come and go on this land. Such a beautiful location 😍 

Explore Saskatchewan 2021

Explore Saskatchewan 🌾 

Saskatchewan is so extremely beautiful, I love the beauty of our province. 

I enjoy being able to capture a beautiful moon, a beautiful abandoned houses and so much more 💗🌾 

Saskatchewan has a vast selection and range of things you can explore in Saskatchewan 🌾

This province is so beautiful, I’m so lucky to live in such a beautiful province and so lucky to have some amazing family who are apart of the farming community so I can capture some beautiful harvests. 

I’m so happy I was able to capture my son in his favorite place, he loves his tractors 🚜 💙 

Why Boudoir


This group of amazing women are here to offer support and to encourage body positivity. This is a safe space and is more than just a Boudoir page. Enjoy giveaways, games, and special pricing for this group only! 

I do photograph a handful of different genres, but I do enjoy shooting Boudoir. Here are 5 reasons why Boudoir is important. 

When I mention that my I don’t only just shoot families and Weddings, but that I also shoot boudoir, I have gotten tons of messages saying oh so you shoot porn, no it’s not porn, its empowering and makes us women feel amazing about ourselves.  Here’s reason’s why I stand with that these sessions make you feel amazing: 

1.Boudoir Is Empowering 

Being a woman myself, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been judged on how I look and made to feel ashamed of myself. Really for no reason at all. Or have been compared to other women,  With Boudoir we take away the shame, the lies we’ve been told, the hurt and turn it into something beautiful.  You can take away from it whatever you want, but I assure you, you’ll walk away feeling amazing and have photographic proof that you’re one badass superstar. And not just during that session either – each and every day. Celebrate that – you are worthy and incredible! It has made me learn to love my body as I have given birth to 2 beautiful boys and I have found these session make me feel 100 percent empowered and beautiful.  

2. Boudoir Shares Our Stories 

We all have our own story. And this is why Boudoir goes well beyond just having photos done for a significant other. It’s being able to create photos and make you feel amazing, but I really want to dig deeper and share what makes us who we are – who our bodies are. I have had women that come in post-baby, to celebrate themselves and to show amazing our bodies are,  I’ve had women come in who wanna show that their age doesn’t matter and they are beautiful no matter what. We each have our own stories and it is such a magical thing to be able to capture that and to help you feel the best you can about yourself no matter what your situation is.  

3. Boudoir Is Healing 

We are all human and we have all felt pain about ourselves, we have felt like our feelings don’t matter, but I believe Boudoir is part of a healing process. Whether that’s to come to terms with past and situations, to overcome fear, to show ourselves we really are beautiful, there are so many reasons and that is why these sessions are so personal and so special. These sessions also bring me so much joy knowing I’m helping you heal from what you have been through.  

4. Boudoir Pushes Our Limits 

But in a good way, of course! About 98% of the women that come in are nervous or scared but let me tell you that by the end of the session they are comfortable and usually posing themselves. I also find that you will be able to feel 100 percent amazing and empowered after your shoot, Be proud of who you are, you are NOT selfish for having a boudoir session done – you are incredible and that should be celebrated and you should be proud of how far you have came and how beautiful your body is no matter what your life has been through, your beautiful and all bodies are beautiful.  

5. Boudoir Is For Every Body 

Probably the hardest part of being a Boudoir photographer is hearing the negativity surrounding our bodies. “I’m not thin enough.” “I need to lose an extra 10 pounds”. “I don’t photograph well.” “I’m not a model.” And the list just goes on from there. What needs to happen, is we need to be able to start normalizing our bodies, We need to see we are all models and we look amazing, but that’s my job I get you feeling so amazing after you’re session and you will seriously feel so good after a session with me.  

If you have any questions about having a Boudoir session done or just want some more information, head on over to the BOUDOIR page to find out more or join my VIP Group by clicking this link This Moment Boudior Photography | Facebook  to join an amazing group of women who inspire each other and are so kind and caring.  

Any other inquiries can be sent to kennedy@thismomentphotos.com you can call/text 306-575-6128. 

Cancer Survivor awareness shoot

Cancer is dear to my heart, it’s hard to post but I lost my dad 2 years ago. It’s never easy, it just seems to feel so absent without having both my support systems.

I came up with the idea of helping cancer survivors, as I wanted to have a better understanding of how this impacts it has on families.

Their stories were so inspirational and these ladies are truly amazing 👏  they went through so much and are so strong. 

I was so proud that I was able to give back to them by giving them some amazing donations and as well myself that donated to them as well. 

It was such a beautiful and inspirational day 💗

I cant wait to show the interview💗

Avoid these Boudoir Faux Pas During your Session

Bad Tan Lines/Sunburn – If you have not been tanning recently, don’t tan just before your session. You can get sunburn or really bad tan lines, which are not flattering in photos. Also avoid spray tans at all cost, as they tend to photograph poorly.

Getting drunk at your session – If you are nervous about your session, it’s OK to have a glass of wine to rest your nerves. That said, don’t get wasted before or during your session. This is one of the worst things you can do. Your eyes will be blood shot and droopy and it’s just a recipe for disaster.

Choosing the wrong sized outfits – Choose lingerie that is just the right size for you. You don’t want loose lingerie that gives your body no shape or hides your beautiful curves. On the other hand, lingerie that is too tight can be unflattering.

Heavy Makeup – We strongly recommend getting a makeup artist for your session. You don’t want to slather the makeup on too thickly. It’s more about accentuating your natural features and making you feel – and look – stunning.

Forgetting to shave/wax – Always remember to shave or wax any exposed area that needs to looks smooth and sexy. The ‘au naturel’ look is so ‘70s. Unless you’re going for that vibe, please remember this tip.

Schedule your Boudoir Party Today!

Boudoir parties are all the rage these days. What’s a boudoir party you may ask? This is where we host a mini session day and all of the slots are filled by you and your girlfriends.

We will schedule out six to 10 sessions in one day and give you a group discount. You and your ladies all show up at the studio or hotel we choose (this will be decided at the time of booking) and get your hair and makeup done and drink and just have a good time while you’re waiting for your session.

Each of you will then have your own private 30-minute session and can choose from our three print packages. We also offer a little black book you can get printed for your sweetheart.

Sounds fun, right? Don’t miss your opportunity to throw your boudoir party. Contact us today to set your date!

3 Affirmations to say before you’re shoot

The lead up to the session is the hardest part. Be that planning wardrobe, learning about the session experience, or feeling confident to do the session itself. Today I wanted to go over 3 affirmations to say before you come in for your session. These are so important 💕

First, congratulations on booking your session! I am so excited for you! These sessions are super empowering and 100 percent are healing  experience 💕

Whether you’ve booked a portrait or boudoir session, I really wanted to stress the importance of being kind to yourself. I hear a lot of clients beating themselves up beforehand and I’ve been there myself as well so let’s go over the first affirmation:

• I am worthy of being documented.

No matter where you are in life, how you look or feel, you are worthy. It doesn’t even matter if you’re getting your picture taken – you are worthy no matter what! This is a judgement-free zone and all I really want you to do is to come in and have this experience and to have proof that you are absolutely fabulous the way you are… right now! Seriously you are worthy and beautiful, I use these one daily as I found it hard to love myself after my two kids and after repeating this daily, it really helps you feel amazing 💕

• I will be kind and have patience with myself.

Please, please, please do not get frustrated with yourself during this process. It is so easy to pick ourselves apart, wish we looked a certain way, etc. But let me tell you that being exactly who you are makes you unique and you will 100% stand out and rock your session. Patience is key with yourself, and you will definitely gain so much patience from these sessions. 

• My mind is open to new and exciting things.

Most clients that come in for any type of session have never or rarely been in front of the camera before. It might seem like an intimidating experience but come in with an open mind and we will have so much fun! I will be there the entire way to help out with posing, picking wardrobe, and making sure everything is as stress-free as possible. I will even help you out by giving you a boudior guide before you’re session, give you tips to help you feel comfortable and I will make you laugh and smile the whole time. 

These affirmations are so important and I want you to say they daily, even after you’re session. These will help you feel confident and amazing always ❤ 

If you have any questions at all about my Portrait or Boudoir sessions, links are posted below:


Portrait work: https://www.facebook.com/Thismomentphotographyx/

And come join us in my VIP Group over on Facebook! This is a great community and you’ll also have exclusive access to tips and tricks, group specials and model calls.



Wedding Planning tips

 What to Expect

01. PLANNING We will decide on a date and location together. I’m happy to send over location recommendations if need them. You’ll also receive a pre-session questionnaire to help me get to know you better! 

02. YOUR SESSION My goal is to make my sessions feel laid back and very easy going! I will give you plenty of guidance, but also just let you be yourself. I like to bring a speaker to play music and it is always a good time!

 03. YOUR PHOTOS. I will send over a few next day sneak peeks, because I know you cannot wait to see them. Your full gallery will be delivered via online gallery and ready for you within 3 weeks of your session date.


01. THINK MOVEMENT My shooting style is to have you moving around a lot. Make sure to wear something you are comfortable moving in. Flowy skirts or dresses photograph beautifully because we can play with the movement of them. 

02. BRING OPTIONS Feel free to send over outfit ideas for input beforehand, and bring multiple options to the session. That way we can get an idea of how the outfit looks with the specific location. Bringing options for accessories such as hats or jackets is also recommended.

03. COORDINATE COLORS Instead of trying to perfectly match your outfit to your partner’s outfit, think of choosing complimentary colors. You can never go wrong with neutral colors. I always suggest choosing earthy colors that are not too bright or distracting.

04. PLAY WITH PATTERNS Incorporating unique patterns and textures such as fringe, faux fur, linen, denim, etc. can add a fun pop to your photos. Vintage clothing shops or thrift store often have great finds for unique textures. 

05. HAIR & MAKEUP This is a great time to schedule your hair and makeup trial for your wedding day! Please make sure to allow plenty of buffer time incase hair and makeup is running behind, you don’t want to be late to your session.

 03. STAY TRUE TO YOU Lastly and most importantly, these are YOUR photos and the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. Let your outfit reflect your personality for the best photos! 


 I love when couples bring props or special items that are unique and true to them. Here are a few of my favorite ideas for what to bring: 


Lastly, I cannot wait to shoot with you! I’m so looking forward to this opportunity to get to know you better as a couple and to get comfortable with each other before your wedding. Think of these photos as an opportunity to intentionally celebrate the exciting season you are in. We are going to savor it and document it! 


 If you have any questions beyond this guide, I am here for you and happy to help! This Moment Photography Call: 1-306-575-6128 Email: kennedy@thismomentphotography.ca Website: http://www.thismomentphotography.ca